Colonoxy is a colon cleanser and a detoxifies for the body. It also helps the body loose weight. This diet supplement the manufacturer claims provide fantastic results in just 15 days. Many wastes remain in the body without being properly processed resulting sometimes in bloating. Using ingredients such as Psyllium, Flax seed, Apple Cider Vinegar, Barley, Fennel, Licorice Ginger and Pectini, Colonoxy cleanses the body of such unwanted waste that could be the cause of many illnesses.

Do you have a healthy colon?

Does Colonoxy really works

  • Psyllium

Psyllium is a dietary fiber. It acts by absorbing excess water and stimulates normal intestinal function. It can help reduce symptoms of constipation and diarrhea. Psyllium also reduces blood cholesterol levels. [1]

  • Flax seed

Flax seeds are a very rich nutrient for the body. It is made of vitamin B, magnesium and manganese. Studies have shown that it is efficient in fighting inflammations in the body because the omega 3 fatty acid which it contains. Flax seed is high in fiber and in phytochemicals. Some evidence shows that the phytochemical substances can balance the female hormone and even promote fertility.

  • Apple cider vinigar

Apple cider contains acetic, citric lactic and malic acid.  Scientific evidence show that apple cider can help in many health conditions such as; acne, allergies, arthritis, gout, heartburn and more. Studies have also shown that consuming apple cider for more than 12 weeks can result in a significant body weight loss. [2]

  • Barley

Barley contains essential amino acids for the body and can help control regulate blood sugar.

These four ingredients certainly have beneficial effects for the body. Colonoxy capability of cleansing the body of unwanted waste cannot be contested. The manufacturer also provides a 90 days money back guarantee for satisfaction and reasures that the product has no side effect.[3]

  • Fennel

Fennel has carminative properties which can treat constipation and evacuate the colon. It is used in medecine for conducting rectal or bowel examination. This sort of laxative increases the mouvement of feces along the colon. [4]

Most of these ingredient are very effective and have been proven scientifically for their medicinal properties which comes to suggest that colonoxy can be very efficient.

Why use Colonoxy

There are many testimonials of the effectiveness of colonoxy. Reviews indicate that the many customers are more than satisfied with the results.

There is nothing to loose with a 90 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result within the 90 days, you can even return the empty bottle and get your money back. The price is also very affordable with one month supply costing only $39.99. Find out best diet pills of 2019

The many ingredient in Colonoxy have cleansing properties and are scientifically proven but also hitorically used for the treatment of certain conditions. Some of these ingredients like laxative if used in excess can have adverse effect but the manufacturer claims no side effect and testomonies are mostly very positive.

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Colonoxy can be considered much more a body cleanser than a diet supplement even though some properties present weight loss attributes. Colonoxy definitely meets the criteria for being an effective colon cleanser; because the manufacturer provides a money back guarantee, I would recommend Colonoxy.