Ravishing is a hungry word. If you feel that you just want to scoop them up and get lost in them, this is the word for sexy.

Shakeology is a product of Beachbody, the firm behind P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, and more at home fitness systems. Promoted as, “The Most Healthful Meal Of The Day”, Shakeology is a blend of over 70 fruits, vegetables, and herbs from around the globe. Lots of the fixings have even been referred to as “super foods”. That all sounds fantastic, but how do you use it to slim down? You can find Vanilla Shakeology Recipes for easily weight loss.

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The secret lies in Shakeology’s glycemic index rating. The GI is among the most effective, and under enjoyed instruments in the struggle against obesity and diabetes. It measures how much a food affects your blood glucose. The higher that a food scores, the more it spikes your blood sugar. This leads to energy outbursts, followed by crashes, along with many other negative effects. Cravings, hunger pains, increased caloric intake, and even mood swings may be followed to a high glycemic diet. Foods that score a 55 or lower are considered low glycemic, and are extremely helpful with weight loss.

So, Shakeology is low glycemic, great! How will that help you slim down. Here is the way it works. With a score as low as 24, it will cause hardly any fluctuation in your blood glucose. Which will cause less cravings, hunger pains, and overall caloric intake. By either replacing a meal a day with Shakeology, or by using it as a bite sooner or later in the day, you will feel full longer than you’d with unhealthy, high glycemic snacks. Various studies have shown that sugary foods are really addicting. By replacing your sugary snacks using a milkshake, you can help break that dependence.