Marc Andreessen, and Carl Icahn are in conflict of interest. It is alleged that Carl requested Marc to quit his eBay board member position. As events turned out, Carl was seeking support from shareholders in trying to spin off Paypal which is a major means of payment for eBay’s clients.

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Carl Icahn went to the extreme of accusing Marc Andreessen of purportedly buying highly discounted eBay assets so that he put into his investment firm Andreessen-Horowitz. And as to why their own assets, eBay, was never mentioned, it is because of the many billions of dollars that he made with his investment firm. Carl Icahn’s allegations shows that Andreessen has been investing in eBay’s rivals. This includes Dwalla and Fab which competes Paypal. Andressen-Horowitz bought a part of Skype at $2.75 billion only to sell to eBay at $8.5 billion.

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Carl Icahn stands strong in his allegation and as a result, a 2% increase in eBay shares. He implies that greedy selfish who puts their concerns at first priority will need an immediate resignation. Carl is backed by other shareholders hoping it works according to plan.

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In an attempt to attack Scott Cook the same way as Marc, his statement is dismissed by eBay Stating that both Marc and Scott were highly supportive to the company.