Being Sexy

When someone calls you sexy, how does it make you feel? Probably pretty damn great! It’s a wonderful compliment that lets you know the other person finds you attractive in such a way that they’re turned on by you.

Knowing that you have the power to turn someone on can give you a real confidence boost – which also makes you even sexier. Being sexy is so great because you know that you’re attractive, but also really enticing and interesting.

Another word for sexy

However, being sexy isn’t always what you want to hear. Sure, it’s great to know that someone finds you physically attractive at times, but there are other times when you want to be something else. There are certain times where sexy isn’t enough to explain to someone their true impact on you.

Therefore, you should use other words. Sexy is a powerful word – there’s just no denying that. But there are other words that are more meaningful for different reasons. So, next time you want to call someone sexy, try using one of these words instead.